How to Seal Mylar Bags; 5 Easy Steps

How to Seal Mylar Bags; 5 Easy Steps

Using Mylar Bags for food storage purposes is a great way, but sealing them properly is the key to a successful preservation process. Mylar bags are not the zip-lock bags that you can seal with the swipe of your hand, but you need to follow some steps and get some accessories at hand that helps you seal the bags properly. 


Things that can help you seal the Mylar bags include: 

  1. Clothing Iron 
  2. Hair Straightener 
  3. Impulse Sealer 
  4. Food Saver 


Ways You Can Seal the Mylar Bags

Following is the complete detail on how you can seal the bags using all the things mentioned above; 


  1. Using Clothing Iron for Sealing Mylar Bags 

Using clothing iron to seal Mylar bags is one of the most convenient ways as everyone has it at home for ironing purposes. However, besides ironing your clothes, this equipment works extremely well for sealing your Mylar bags. 


Here’s how you do it; 

  1. Set your iron to wool setting (it mustn’t be too hot to burn the bags in the first contact). 
  2. Keep it on the Mylar bag’s mouth and give one or two passes over it. 
  3. It will create a great seal over the bag. 


  1. Using Hair Straightener for Sealing Mylar Bags 

Hair straightener is also an easy-to-use thing for Mylar bags’ sealing. You have to place the bag ends within its clamp and run your straightener from end to end. This running will help you close the seal properly. Ensure that you do not use the super-hot straightener for the purpose, it might burn the Mylar bag, and you’ll have to find ways to fix it to reuse it. 


Note: Before using your straightener for sealing Mylar bags, ensure that it is a metal straightener and not the ceramic one. Metal straighter will do the work right for you, while the ceramic straightener can become a little difficult to handle. 


  1. Using Impulse Sealer for Mylar Bags 

While the above two options are cost-effective and budget-friendly, and you can find them at home easily, this one might cost you some extra pennies. It is an expensive thing to buy but works super-effectively for sealing purposes. 


To use impulse sealer for sealing your Mylar bags, line the edge of your bags with the heated bar of the sealer and press it down on the lever for about 2-3 seconds. It will seal the bags tightly, and you can save your food items for longer than you ever think of. 


  1. Using Food Saver for Mylar Bags 

Food saver can turn out to be a great option for sealing quart bags or gallons but requires great precaution while dealing with mason bags. This is because it doesn’t get hot enough to work with Mylar bags and seal the bag properly. Also, the sealer might create the seal before all the air is vacuumed out. Thus, it turns out to be a less effective way of sealing the Mylar bags. 


However, suppose you are using oxygen absorbers within your Mylar bags for absorbing the oxygen. In that case, you can use a food saver as the oxygen left inside will be absorbed by the oxygen absorbers, and the food will be preserved. 


After you’ve chosen the way, you will seal your Mylar bags, follow our instructions, label the bags with a pen, and get them to the place they belong. 

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