Maximize Your Mylar Bags Usage Experience

Maximize Your Mylar Bags Usage Experience

Mylar bags offer the best user experience if used properly. To make the most out of Mylar bags, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow; 


1.    Get Thicker Mylar Bags 

Getting a thicker Mylar bag can help protect the food from getting oxidized better. The thin Mylar bags lets in the light, which oxidizes and destroys the food. So, to squeeze the most benefit out of your Mylar bags, ensure to buy ones with a minimum five mils thickness and above.


2.    Use Oxygen Absorbers 

Use oxygen absorbers to ensure your bags do not let in the oxygen to the food you are trying to store. These remove the void area inside the Mylar bag and guarantee 100% protection of food from getting oxidized via oxygen. 


This will help you kill the eggs, bugs, and pupae within two weeks and increase your food's shelf life by decades. 


3.    Consider the size of bag you're using

Mylar bags come in different sizes; considering the types of food you're planning to store, consider choosing the Mylar bag size accordingly. The food type you store will tell you how much CC of oxygen absorption is needed. The right size will help you keep your food away from oxygen as much as possible. 


Some food types are more compact, like rice and wheat, and need more CC of oxygen absorption. At the same time, some foods are less compact, like pasta and dry beans, and need lesser CC of oxygen absorption. 


4.    Don't Throw Mylar Bags Away

The great news is: you can reuse the Mylar bags after using them for food storage purposes. However, to reuse them, you need to follow steps; 


  1. Cut the top of the Mylar bags (below the heat seal) you will reuse. 
  2. Wash it and let it dry. 
  3. Refill the bags with the food. 
  4. Put in oxygen absorbers and reseal your bag as close to the top as possible.  


5.    Keep Away from Freezer 

Even though you can freeze or store Mylar bags in the freezer, they tend to get brittle over time. This reduces their lifespan as they get easily damaged when moved around in the freezer. 


So, if you want to have your bags with you for a longer time while storing your food items in them, ensure that you place them outside of the freezer anywhere else. 

Mylar bags make your food storing tasks most convenient. You don't need to worry about your bulk food getting destroyed when you've caught them up in the Mylar bags. You can get these bags from many stores while buying from Premount can give you an entirely different experience. You can get these bags at lower prices and enjoy all the benefits to their fullest. 

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