Steps to Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage

Steps to Using Mylar Bags for Food Storage

Mylar bags are incredibly convenient to use for food storage purposes. The steps mentioned below are perfect to follow for storing all types of food, including rice, wheat, dry food, rolled oats, beans, etc. 


Here are the steps that will make your Mylar bags usage simpler; 


1.    Get a Food-Grade Bucket 

Food grade buckets are best for food storage purposes as they add redundancy into your survival food storage system. 


Note: Buckets make the storing tasks easier if you plan to store big bulk food bags. However, if you are up to some smaller food storing process, you can eliminate getting the food-grade buckets and get someone to help you hold the bags and complete the process. 


2.    Pour food into Mylar Bag 

Fill up your Mylar bag with the food you are storing while leaving the half-inch of space at the rim. This is because it will help you get the lid on quickly if the food mounds up too high.


3.    Drop-in required CC of Oxygen Absorbers

To take advantage of oxygen absorbers, ensure that you drop them in the bags immediately after you've opened them up from the package. Once you take the O2 absorbers out of the package, they start absorbing oxygen and heat up. 


However, if you take the absorbers out of the package and still haven't filled up your bags with food, keep the absorbers inside a ball jar and place the lid on until you're ready to drop it in the bag. 


Drop the required CC of oxygen absorber into the bags and head towards following the next step. 


4.    Seal The Bag 

There are many ways you can seal the Mylar bags, like the hair straightening iron, impulse sealer, etc. Follow these steps to seal the bags;


  • Place the top edge of the Mylar bag over a piece of wood. 
  • Seal the bag using a household iron, Mylar bag sealer, Impulse sealer, hair straightening iron, or whatever else you can think of. 


Note: To seal your bag perfectly, try sealing an empty Mylar bag first, as it is a real deal to get it done if you're doing it for the first time. 


5.      Label Your Food Bag 

If you use more than one bag for storing food items, you should label your bag with the type of food inside and the date you've kept it for storing. 


This will help you avoid any confusion about what food is in which bag and how much time has it been that you stored it up. 


6.      Let the Oxygen Absorber Expand 

Wait for at least 4 hours (oxygen absorbers take this much time to expand) and fold the bag over gently and place the lid on the bucket/container, whichever you are using to store your bag in.  


7.      Make the lid placed Tighter as Possible

Ensure that the lid of your container/bucket is placed tightly. You can pound it around the bucket rim with your feet or use a rubber mallet. 


And, we're done! 


This way, you can store your food items for the longer term. There's no need to get fancy buckets or containers if you are using Mylar bags; the buckets and containers are just for the safety and preservation of the bags. 

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