Will my Mylar bag shrink like a vacuum bag when using oxygen absorbers?

There is a common misconception that oxygen absorbers will remove the air inside your mylar bags. It is unfortunately not the case and it is why some people think oxygen absorbers are not working. It is very important to understand that oxygen absorbers only remove the oxygen inside your bag. Since air is composed of 21% of oxygen, that much air will be removed. There will still be air inside your bag no matter how many oxygen absorbers you put in. Bear in mind that removing the oxygen is all you need to preserve your food. It is not necessary to get rid of all the air. 

Are oxygen absorbers individually wrapped ?

No, our oxygen absorbers come in a bag of 100 oxygen absorbers. With instructions on how to preserve the remaining oxygen absorbers available inside the product, there is not a real need for them to be individually packed. 

How to store home cooked items for long term ?

All food storage tips and guidelines for storing your food is available in our tips and tricks section. Feel free to use the ctrl+f key to search for your keyword. 

Are these bags FDA safe and BPA free ?

Yes, absolutely ! All of our bags are FDA certified, free of chemicals and BPA free. 

Do these bags seal with a foodsaver vacuum sealer ?

Yes, you could use a vacuum sealer as well as a flat iron or a hair straightener to heat seal your bags and make sure they will be preserved for long term.  

Is 8 mil thickness for one layer or the entire bag ?

The thickness in our text is the total thickness of the bag. Which means, a bag that is 8 mil has a thickness of 4 mil on each side.

Are these bags reusable if I use the ziplock feature ?

Our bags are reusable no matter how you seal them. They are carefully designed in a way to maximize your food storage and make sure they last as long as possible. 

How much oxygen absorbers should I use in each bag ?

We usually suggest to use one oxygen absorber in the Quart bags. Two or three oxygen absorbers for your Gallon bags. Four to Five oxygen absorbers for your 5 Gallons.

Can you store home cooked meals for long term food storage ?

Yes absolutely. It of course depends on the type of food you are storing but usually food that has a low moisture percentage will last you longer than any other food.