• Will my Mylar bag shrink like a vacuum bag when using oxygen absorbers?

  • Are oxygen absorbers individually wrapped ?

  • How to store home cooked items for long term ?

  • Are these bags FDA safe and BPA free ?

  • Do these bags seal with a foodsaver vacuum sealer ?

  • Is 8 mil thickness for one layer or the entire bag ?

  • Are these bags reusable if I use the ziplock feature ?

  • How much oxygen absorbers should I use in each bag ?

  • Can you store home cooked meals for long term food storage ?

Customer Reviews

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Great value

Great set for all your long term storage needs.

Mikaela H.
Good quality

Sealed up rice and oatmeal in these bags. Used a hair straightener to seal them. These are thick and good quality.

Amazon Customer
Extra thick mylar bags

I wanted mylar bags for long term storage of beans and grains These were the thickest ones I could find on Amazon.

Francois Topasna
The bags were thick as advertised

I liked the bundle as it give more flexibility of use. Only thing that was pretty irritating was the 5 gallon bags. I put up some rice and beans and it didn’t quite fit (smaller) the 5 gallon bucket. There was space between the Mylar bag and the bucket. Yes I did pack it right, I shifted the bag, tapped the bucket, and pushed (rice/beans) in every 1/4 way of fill up. I had purchased two sets and all of them were like this. Just seems a waste as I could’ve sealed a bit more. Other than that the other bags in set were great.

Alex GrizinskiAlex Grizinski
I Am a Rookie Stock Piler

I have been buying flour for several months because I make my own bread. The Mylar bags are so easy to use. I seal and place in a Cambro container. I plan to use in the next year. The variety of bags is astounding.